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Your Best Clothes-Shopping Guide

Still unsure on how you go about shopping for clothes? It can be a little confusing and frustrating sometimes, especially when you constantly feel guilty for spending so much. But when you decide to NOT buy anything, you get upset because you didn’t get anything. It’s all very confusing, even if you’re an adult.

Well, have no fear, for we have a guide here on how to shop for clothes PROPERLY. You know, with the added tips for discipline and such so you don’t end up going home with your wallet empty.

Love it or leave it

Don’t just go buy what you THINK looks interesting or pretty. Make sure that you actually love the thing before you spend your money on it. It’s going to end up being a waste if you just buy anything all willy-nilly. The worst that could happen is you not wearing it when you buy it.

Hunt for bargains

It feels like you are an accomplished human adult when you buy a good item that happens to be a bargain. Don’t even lie, that feeling is awesome. So go look for bargains if you are low on cash but in need of newer clothes.

Choose the practical pieces

Trust me when I say that you will regret buying something just because you thought it was pretty. You won’t even want to wear it. It’s happened to a lot of me and my friends so many times that it isn’t even funny anymore. Buy pieces that you know you will ACTUALLY wear a lot.

Shop when it is out of season

Clothes aren’t as expensive when they’re out of season. Or when you shop out of season itself. It’s known fact that basically EVERYTHING turns expensive if the season calls for it. So do yourself a favour and shop out of season so not only could you save a buck, but also the trouble from all the piles of people who line up for the same exact thing.

Buy YOUR best colours

Go for YOUR colours instead of what’s popular. What’s the point of it being popular if you don’t even look good in it? Pick the ones that make YOU look fabulous, alright?

Stick to the figure-flattering finds

Again, this is the same as the tip from above. Don’t go for what is popular. Stick to clothes htat are good for YOU. And in this case, buy the clothes that are flattering to your form. Don’t wear clothes that are either too baggy or too fitting that end up making you look too thin or too chubby.

Consider the rest of your wardrobe

Look at the rest of the clothes that you own first before going clothes-shopping. Consider what your style usually is so you know what to get. Or maybe you could even have a new style change to consider.