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What Are The Most Valuable Types Of Scrap Metal

Most of us are hoarders to some degree and we all have a few unwanted things around the house that could be sold for recycling. Various metals are valued according to the market price and much like precious metals, scrap metal prices fluctuate on an almost daily basis. If you would like to know the current most valuable metals in scrap form, you have come to the right place.


While used extensively throughout history, brass is relatively scarce and there is a demand for recycled brass, which is used to make many things. Brass is one of those alloys that is quite expensive to make, which puts the price of recycled brass a little higher. Brass was even more abundant in Victorian times. Antique dealers come across this metal all the time, although they rarely resort to recycling.


As you would expect, copper is a valuable metal in any form and if you have a load of old copper piping or electrical wiring laying around, this could bring you quite a windfall. Search online for the Canberra scrap copper price or the pricing in your local area. You should be pleasantly surprised. Builders who tend to accumulate old radiators and copper piping and every few months will call their local scrap metal dealer to collect.


While aluminium is widely available, it is recycled, along with most metals. There is always a high demand for recycled aluminium. Window and door frames, old stepladders – there are many things made from aluminium. If you want to know the price per KG, Google is your best friend.

Of course, there is always the Canberra scrap metal pickup service, for example, where you get top rates in cash from a leading local scrap metal dealer. Old aircraft are obviously high in aluminium content. There are even special aircraft scrap yards where these amazing flying machines are almost completely recycled.

Precious Metals In Smartphones

We’ve all got a few old Nokia devices in our drawer. Yes, there are small amounts of precious metals inside these gadgets. A single device could contain up to 60 different elements such as indium tin oxide is present in conductive screens, lithium in the battery and tantalum, which is found in micro-capacitors.

This could be a profitable operation if you could get your hands on a few thousand devices, but then you have to extract the elements, which is easier said than done. This sector has seen a few brave and forward-thinking entrepreneurs make a killing, finding ingenious ways to extract the goodies from old phones. Freezing the devices and crushing them turned out to be viable, providing you have a high volume of elements. A young Scandinavia guy even made millions from using chemicals to extract elements from electrical equipment.

Some trades generate a lot of scrap metal and if you have old copper piping, you could be sitting on a valuable commodity. When looking for the best prices, search online for a local scrap metal dealer who would be happy to collect your scrap and pay you top dollar rates.