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Think First Before You Buy A Car

What do you really need a car for? All it you really need for it is transportation. Do you really need the hassle of maintenance, gasoline, extra payments, repairs, upkeep and worry in terms of owning one? At a young age, you are going to regret wanting to be ‘cool’ and buying a new car just to impress the ladies.

You don’t just need to consider things before buying a car. You need to check if you REALLY need it first. You can buy a new car once you’re at a certain age of financial stability when you don’t worry about things like being cool anymore. For now, in your early twenties (and worst of all in your TEENS), you don’t need it. Why?

You Don’t Have the Money for It

And I’m not talking about the amount of money you need to buy the thing. Come on, be serious and let’s think for a moment. If a car is already expensive all on its own, do you really think its maintenance and upkeep is going to be any kinder? Once that thing breaks down, you can’t replace it right away. And you can’t just ditch it or throw it away because by God you paid for it. You would be forced to repair it and keep maintenance. Do you have any idea how much that costs?

Your money-spending don’t just stop after you purchase that metal piece of garbage. No, it doesn’t stop there. There are extra payments that take a chunk out of your salary, the repairs done to it because cars are complicated hunks of junk that don’t last forever and need constant looking at, and the upkeep. Maintenance is also a driving factor that makes people (who have a life and money-making businesses to get back to) steer clear. If anything, smarter people would just let other people drive them around instead of owning a car.

People Earning Millions by Week Call It a Waste of Time (and Money)

There are plenty of successful people who loves cars and own the most beautiful and most impressive cars in the world and still make money every day. Smarter millionaires who know time is money choose a better option of transportation to get from point A to B. opinions are subjective in terms of wanting to earn a car, but one thing still remains. During the time you are worrying and looking for a parking spot, your competitor who chose to go to work by Uber is already at the office and making money sending emails and making calls in the time you waste it in your car.

You can still buy a car. In fact, go ahead and buy one but give it to a friend, on the condition that he or she drives you whenever you need it. They pay for gas and maintenance and everything else and you get to have free rides all you want and not waste time. Now THAT’S business smart.