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The Cost of Moving

Let’s take a look at what the actual move cost us:

Truck Rental: $90 ($29.95 + .99 a mile)  – saved $15 by opting out of the SafeMove insurance thingy

Bagels for the am moving crew (friends):  $18

Pizza for the pm moving crew (different friends):  $36

Gas for the truck:  $25

Total Cost:  $169

I learned a few things on this move.  First of all, it’s nice to have a lot of friends.  Also, it was nice to get a truck.  It was my first move with a truck and it was very convenient to have just make one trip.  Previous moves were conducted with multiple minivan trips.  It was worth it to pay my friends with food.  They would have done it for free because that’s what friends are for, but it’s tradition to pay in food for moving help.  A mere fraction of the cost of a real moving crew and without them the move would have taken MUCH longer.  Plus, they didn’t break anything or scuff any walls or anything.

Moving Tip: Here’s a sneaky trick for you that I discovered on Saturday.  When you arrive at your new place…unload the truck into the garage and then tell your friends that you have to return the truck immediately.  By the time you get back, all your stuff has been moved from the garage and up two flights of stairs and you’ve gotten out of all the heavy lifting.  I swear I didn’t do this on purpose (the truck did need to go back) but it worked out great.  My friends are the best.

Now let’s cover the mental cost of moving the couch that the tenant left in the living room only to find a used condom underneath it.  SO. GROSS. I’m still calculating that cost.