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Saving Money on Air Conditioning

Back in the day when Bird and I were preparing to move into the townhouse, I called the electric company to switch the service over from the renter to us.  The woman on the phone took my information and then asked if I was interested in any energy/money savings programs.  Savings?  Of course I was interested, but I had called from work and I didn’t have time to listen to her script, so I made a mental note to check out these programs sooner rather than later.

Well, February turned into late July and after I received a larger than normal electric bill (curse you, super hot summer (but the air conditioning feels so good!)) I finally remembered to investigate these savings programs.

I went to the electric company’s website and clicked on the Programs buttons.  There were about 4 or 5 programs listed, but most of them were not applicable to me.  However, the Cycled Air Conditioning program sounded promising so I called them and signed up.  Here are a few details from the website:

  • You receive a $10 credit on your bill each June, July and August.
  • On days when homes and businesses are using a lot of electricity and purchasing wholesale electricity is more expensive, we will cycle your air conditioner condenser on and off in 15-minute increments.
  • Your fan will continue to run.
  • Interruptions usually occur only on the hottest days of the year when air conditioners must work harder to keep people comfortable.
  • Available only for central air conditioners.

Basically, they sent a technician out to install a little control box near my AC unit and then like they said, they will cycle my air on and off when they need to during peak times.  And I save $30 a year.    Of course, I missed out on ten bucks this year because I didn’t sign up for the program until July.  I’ve now been on the program for 3 weeks or so and I haven’t noticed any difference with the temperature in my house.  Of course, it has cooled down a little bit lately so maybe that has helped as well.

Anywho, nothing like saving $30 with one simple phone call.  You are hereby encouraged to look into any savings programs your utility companies may be offering!