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Saved a Bunch of Money on Insurance

My recent downgrade in my phone plan got me into a savings mood.  So I decided to look around and see where I could save some more money.  Bird and I had separate car insurance policies that were both set to expire in late March.  Rather than just renewing as we’ve done for the last few years…we decided now that we were married it would be wise combine our policies, so we went out and collected some quotes.

Here’s what we used to pay:

  • Her Car Insurance:  $559.50 for 6 months
  • My Car Insurance: $294.50 for 6 months

To be honest, I have no idea why Bird’s insurance was so much more than mine.  Whether it has to do with her car or her coverage or where she lived…I’m just not sure but that seemed like a crazy high amount to me.

Now that we live in the townhouse and have a lot more stuff (wedding gifts) we decided to get a home insurance policy as well.  The Association covers the external stuff on the townhouse so we mostly had to worry about all the stuff inside it.  The nice thing is, you get a discount on your auto insurance by combining it with a home policy.

We ended up going with AAA for our new insurance.

  • Both cars: $461.59 for 6 months
  • Home: $193.24 for 12 months

We end up saving almost $600 a year.  Nice!