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Redeeming Credit Card Rewards

I’m a big fan of using our credit cards for every single possible purchase in order to earn rewards.  As long as we are paying the cards off every month, I am not worried about it.  We primarily use a CapitalOne No Hassle Miles card that rewards 2 miles for every dollar spent and I’ve been pretty pleased with for the year or two I’ve had it.

We tried to use our credit card in Greece as much as we could.  Unfortunately, we found out that it wasn’t as widely accepted as we thought it might be (turned down at a few restaurants, the gas station, travel agency).  We also weren’t able to use it for the largest expense which was our flight.  Since Bird’s dad got our passes through his work we had to write him a check.  We missed out on almost 2,000 rewards miles right there.

We did use it often enough on our trip that the miles really started adding up.

So now that everything from our trip and thensome has shown up on our credit card statement, I decided to redeem our miles for credit off our bill.  And I was able to redeem $201.16 of travel credits!  That’s a pretty sweet deal!