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Moving Money

Today, for no real reason I decided to move some money around.

I decided that I don’t really need a $5,000 emergency fund.  That’s more than 3 months worth of expenses which I think is the general consensus for what an emergency fund should be.  So, I moved $1,000from the EF to the Vanguard fund, thus completing my goal of saving $3,000 to open the Vanguard account.  Call it cheating if you will, but it’s done and so I have updated that goal in my sidebar.

Based on my current expenses and the fact that I will be getting married soon and we will have to go over our finances again then, I decided that $3,500 would be a good amount for my emergency fund at this point in time, so I moved another $500 from the EF to the honeymoon fund.

Like I said, Bird and I will definitely be coming up with a game plan for our money at some point in the near future.  I’m sure an amply-funded emergency fund will be at the top of our list once we find out what are our expenses will be like when we’re married.

Here’s a song I’m loving right now from local band Cloud Cult (you should buy it to hear the whole thing!):