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Getting Two Or More Cars Insured In Thailand

Thailand car insurance is cheaper than most other countries. For that reason, many foreigners who travel to this part of the world often wish they had two separate Thai insurance policies rather than purchasing only one Thai policy.

There are good reasons you might wish for more than one type of Thai car insurance. Thailand is a very diverse country with a car population ranging from around a million to less than half that size! This wide range of car users means that Thailand car insurance is often far more expensive than that of neighbouring Asian countries such as India and China. As well as being less costly, it may also be easier for you to get a better deal if you have more than two cars insured.

Getting Your Two Cars Insured

If you wish for two cars to be covered by your Thai car insurance policy then this is entirely possible and not even a consideration. Your existing provider may already be providing coverage on a second car, just that it is for two cars rather than a group of cars. In most cases, the premium that you have to pay for a second car policy will be cheaper than if you would buy a separate policy for each car. When you decide to go ahead and take out two separate Thai policies, ensure that there are no ‘hidden’ costs or extra charges.

Before taking out a two-car policy you should check if your existing provider offers a special discounted rate if you insure more than one car using the same company. Some Thailand auto insurance (in the Thai language ประกันภัยรถยนต์ชั้น 1) companies offer extremely low rates if you insure more than two cars using the same insurer. This is because they realise that if you do so, they will have less to cover themselves in the event of your car being stolen or damaged whilst it is in their care and custody. If you have just purchased a brand new car, for example, then you may well want to consider adding a car to your current policy to extend the period of cover. You may not, however, be able to add a second car onto your existing policy at present.

Insuring More Than Two Cars

If you are thinking of expanding your car insurance cover beyond two cars, then you should check whether your existing provider has a policy specifically tailored to this purpose. Many providers now offer what are known as ‘specialist’ policies, whereby you can get insured you for a number of different types of circumstances. For example, they may offer protection against the loss of your car in an accident, theft or fire. They may also provide cover for damage that your car may incur in the course of travelling abroad. Again, you should check with your Thailand car insurance company to see whether they offer any such specialist car insurance policies.

Getting Insurance For Second-Hand Car

If you are considering purchasing a second-hand car then you should check to find out exactly what sort of Thailand car insurance cover you need to take out. In some cases, you will need to take out a fully comprehensive cover. While this will provide you with cover for damage to your car in the event of theft or damage by fire, it will not cover your car for repair costs when your vehicle is being repaired in Thailand. However, you may be able to choose to take out third-party fire and theft cover instead. This will provide you with cover for damage to your own car and for other people’s cars if you are involved in an accident with their car.