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Countries To Retire To That Are Cheap

I may be way too young to consider retirement, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to think ahead. And while I can go and plan for the really expensive retirement places out there and get a head start on saving the money for it or something, I AM a practical individual. And so should a lot of you. And as practical people, we should be thinking about the retirement countries that we can afford but still have a very high quality to it.

Let’s start with the first one on both Money.USnews’ and Smartasset’s list:


In The Algarve, to be more specific, since they pretty much boast about the world’s best beaches and not to mention its golf courses that I would probably take interest in once I reach the age of retirement myself. Lucky for all of us interested in this one, Portugal is in the ranks of Global Peace which means it’s probably just one of the best places to retire to when you want all the peace and quiet the world can offer. Anyone who loves sunlight will be happy here because it’s supposed to have 3,300 hours of it in a year. That’s more than any country there is out there.


Exotic and traditional, Malaysia has Georgetown to boast about. This neat little town has about everything it has to make a stay really comfortable and stylish. From its beaches and sea sides to its high-rise apartments, you can bet that you would have the time of your life here. Not to mention that their food is just to die for and don’t even go over the price of $2. Georgetown is Asia’s culinary capital so you know you’re going to be in for a good eat if you plan on staying.


In Annecy, you can expect a fashionista, an adrenaline junky, a foodie, a museum aficionado and a nature lover to get along here. This place has everything those types of people love and I’m already thinking of just moving here, retirement or not. Why wouldn’t I be interested? Annecy has festivals, cinemas, modern theaters, historical sites, pastel-coloured townhomes, museums and CASTLES. It’s like the one place I’m supposed to be at from the very moment I was born. For those who want the last stage of their life to be filled with wonder, adventure and studying history, this is the place for you.


Mazatlán in Mexico has this walkable colonial center that attracts the attention of people. And then we can’t just forget about its beautiful beaches. Everything about it just screams homey and what better place to choose to retire to than a place that feels like home already? You know, minus the same annoying relatives that have been driving you insane for the past decades. You know what the best part about Mazatlán is? It almost has no rain at all. All the rain-haters in the world who want to spend the rest of their remaining lives bathing in sunshine can rest easy here. There’s nothing to worry about. So there you have it. In any event that you actually choose one of these places as your retirement country goals, do let me know what your adventures are once you DO get there. Because these places look great.