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5 Value-Boosting Outdoor Home Improvement Projects

We all love to improve our living space, making changes when we can afford to. However, some home improvements boost the property value more than others. If you are thinking of carrying out some exterior improvements, here are a few projects that really add value to real estate.

Custom Fabricated Aluminium Entrance Gates

The only way to go with residential gating is to have a fully electric system. With a leading supplier of domestic electric gates for houses that are only a Google search away, you can design something that will be a major feature of the property. Sliding is preferable, as this requires no space in the driveway, but should the layout or terrain not allow a sliding design, a side opening is a good choice. This is a transformational improvement and one that will add a few thousand pounds onto the value and should you ever wish to sell up, the gating will seal the deal.

Swimming Pool

If you fancy the millionaire lifestyle, why not have an in-ground pool built? Concrete or fibreglass, a pool is the ultimate in luxury living and would certainly boost your home value. Obviously, a major project and one that requires a high level of maintenance, there’s little to beat the feeling of knowing you can have a dip whenever you fancy.

Block Paving Driveway

To match those new aluminium gates, why not have a twin-colour driveway made with block paving. There are some stunning patterns and as the blocks are square in shape, they are very durable. Cleaning is easy with a power wash, which restores the surface to its original condition. Search online for a driveway specialist that uses block paving and see what they can do for you.

Roof Re-Tile

Why not replace those dull roof tiles with new slate ones? If the internal roof structure is sound, it wouldn’t cost too much to replace the tiles and a new roof is going to see the value soar.

Modular Structure

There are companies that transform empty sea containers and turn them into comfortable living spaces and with a combination of 20ft and 40ft units, you can create a second home if the garden is big enough. This is probably the easiest building project there is. Simply create a concrete base and your living space is lifted into place. This is not a cheap alternative to a traditional extension, rather the standard of fittings is exceptional. The cost is on par with a brick and mortar structure. You do have the added benefit of being able to move the structure to any location, which is very appealing. Many people have invested in a container home, and it is something to seriously consider if in need of extra living space.

If you wish to boost the value of your home and add some real luxury and comfort, any of the above projects will do just that. Summer is almost upon us and that is the best time for any outdoor work so make a decision and start planning.